uPVC Column Pipes

Special Features

Special Compound

RIYON Column Pipes are manufactured from specially designed uPVC compound to make it sufficiently strong against loads and pressures that will encounter while installation and in use.

Square Threads

RIYON Column Pipes have specially designed square threads therefore pulling load capacity is excellent even under deep bore wells. Unique square threads made on CNC machine strength against tensile load.

O Ring Sealing

RIYON Column Pipes specially designed rings are used for seal & grip which provides 100% leak proof system and also absorbs vibration of the pumps.

Wide Range

RIYON offers a wide range of uPVC column pipes in V-4 Eco, Medium Duty, Standard Duty, Heavy Duty & Super Heavy Duty. These varieties allows you to move down up to 1300ft.



Product Advantages :

RIYON UPVC Column pipes are very different materials; they share numerous advantages common to plastic piping systems. Advantage includes ease of installation, corrosion resistance, low friction loss, initial cost & longevity.

Easy Installation :

RIYON UPVC Column pipes are light in weight (Approximately one-half the weight of galvanize and one-sixth the weight of steel) reducing transportation, handling and installation cost. Column pipe have smooth, seamless interior walls. No special tools are required for cutting. Column pipe materials can be installed without using the solvent cementing joining technique.

Strength :

RIYON UPVC Column Pipes are highly resilient, tough and durable with high tensile and high impact strength.

Freedom from toxicity, odors, tastes :

RIYON UPVC Column pipes are non toxic, odorless and tasteless. PVC pipes have been listed by the national sanitation foundation for use with potable water.

Corrosion free External and internal :

With many other pipe materials, slight corrosion may occur. The corroded particles can contaminate the pipe fluid, complicating further processing, or causing bad taste, odors or discoloration. This is particularly undesirable when the piped fluid is for domestic consumption. With RIYON UPVC column pipes there are no corrosive by products, therefore no contamination of the piped fluid.

Biaxial Orientation for High Impact Strength :

RIYON UPVC column pipes are manufacturing by Bi-Axial technology during extrusion process to occupy high impact strength thereby any breakage in pipe is quite less.

High Tensile Strength :

RIYON UPVC column pipes are having high tensile strength. Hence, they do not reform even under deep installation. Therefore, life of pipe increases.

Thick & Thin :

RIYON UPVC column pipes are manufactured with thick & thin technique to ensure the strength of pipe even at thread end too. Pipes end and barrel have specific thickness which improves the strength of pipes and same time save material consumption and thereby are cost effective.

Installation Procedure

Take 3 meter long pipe, remove the protection cap from male end. Wipe both male and female threads, clean using piece of cloth.

  • Ensure that rubber gasket supplied with the pipe is properly placed in the groove on the male threads of pipe.
  • In case seal is found damaged, replace it with extra sealing rings supplied in each bag.
  • Tighten the C.I. bottom adapter on the pump with the help of strap wrench or pipe wrench. Lower the pump in the well using loop bail or M. S. clamps.
  • While lowering or extracting the pump set, pipes should be clamped at “CLAMP HERE” location marked on the pipes. Rubber sheet/cushioning between pipe surface and clamp may be used to avoid scratches/damages to the pipe.
  • Clamps to be used with pipe for installation should be of correct size (as shown) to avoid damage to the threads.
  • Use of Riyon column pipes for submersible pump in combination with G.I. pipes in the same bore well/tube well is not recommended.
  • Assemble pipe one after the other. Tighten pipes by strap wrench or jerk of a pipe wrench so that 50% of rubber-sealing ring on male thread end gets into the seat of belled/coupler female square threads. Use plain water or soapy water as a thread lubricant. Do not use any oil or grease on threads.
  • When the pump is lowered to desired depth, fit top adapter to the last pipe. Connect required fittings like nipple/bend to the delivery side of top adapter.
  • Use Riyon installation tool i.e. loop bail for lowering the pipes in the bore well while using tripod and chain pulley block instead of M.S.clamps.
  • We recommend use of Riyon pump guard system to make your installation full proof against falling of pump due to excessive vibration/Jerks or during pump withdrawal.


  • Do not over tighten the pipes as it will result in crushing of rubber sealing leading to leakage/pipe failure.
  • In borewells with loose boulders, casing pipes are recommended for entire depth.
  • Use of good quality reflux valves on the delivery side is recommended for preventing water hammer, upthrust and backspin in the pumping system.